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Before pursuing the Amazon AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification, it is important to make sure that you are the right person for this path. All the Amazon certificates are designed for the specific individuals, so you must fall into this category of people. Otherwise, you will have a tough time passing the associated exam.

The potential candidates for this professional-level certificate are those individuals who perform the DevOps Engineer role. They should have at least 2 years of working experience in managing, operating, and provisioning the AWS environments. Besides that, the test takers should have expertise in coding at least one high-level programming language and possess a good understanding of the latest methodologies, processes, operations, and development.

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Amazon AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional (DOP-C01) Sample Questions (Q226-Q231):


For AWS CloudFormation, which stack state refuses UpdateStack calls?

  • A. <code>UPDATE_COMPLETE</code>
  • B. <code>CREATE_COMPLETE</code>
  • D. <code>UPDATE_ROLLBACK_FAILED</code>

Answer: D


When a stack is in the UPDATE_ROLLBACK_FAILED state, you can continue rolling it back to return it to a working state (to UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE). You cannot update a stack that is in the UPDATE_ROLLBACK_FAILED state. However, if you can continue to roll it back, you can return the stack to its original settings and try to update it again. continueu pdaterollback.html


Company policies require that information about IP traffic going between instances in the production Amazon VPC is captured. The capturing mechanism must always be enabled and the Security team must be notified when any changes in configuration occur.

What should be done to ensure that these requirements are met?

  • A. Using the UserData section of an AWS CloudFormation template, install tcpdump on every provisioned Amazon EC2 instance. The output of the tool is sent to Amazon EFS for aggregation and querying. In addition, scheduling an Amazon CloudWatch Events rule calls an AWS Lambda function to check whether tcpdump is up and running and sends an email to the security organization when there is an exception.
  • B. Create a flow log for the production VPC. Create a new rule using AWS Config that is triggered by configuration changes of resources of type `EC2:VPC'. As part of configuring the rule, create an AWS Lambda function that looks up flow logs for a given VPC. If the VPC flow logs are not configured, return a `NON_COMPLIANT' status and notify the security organization.
  • C. Create a flow log for the production VPC and assign an Amazon S3 bucket as a destination for delivery. Using Amazon S3 Event Notification, set up an AWS Lambda function that is triggered when a new log file gets delivered. This Lambda function updates an entry in Amazon DynamoDB, which is periodically checked by scheduling an Amazon CloudWatch Events rule to notify security when logs have not arrived.
  • D. Configure a new trail using AWS CloudTrail service. Using the UserData section of an AWS CloudFormation template, install tcpdump on every provisioned Amazon EC2 instance. Connect Amazon Athena to the CloudTrail and write an AWS Lambda function that monitors for a flow log disable event. Once the CloudTrail entry has been spotted, alert the security organization.

Answer: B


Which of the following are not valid sources for OpsWorks custom cookbook repositories?

  • A. AWS EBS
  • B. HTTP(S)
  • C. Subversion
  • D. Git

Answer: A


Linux stacks can install custom cookbooks from any of the following repository types: HTTP or Amazon S3 archives. They can be either public or private, but Amazon S3 is typically the preferred option for a private archive. Git and Subversion repositories provide source control and the ability to have multiple versions. enable.html


An Application team has three environments for their application: development, pre-production, and production. The team recently adopted AWS CodePipeline. However, the team has had several deployments of misconfigured or nonfunctional development code into the production environment, resulting in user disruption and downtime. The DevOps Engineer must review the pipeline and add steps to identify problems with the application before it is deployed.

What should the Engineer do to identify functional issues during the deployment process? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use Amazon Inspector to add a test action to the pipeline. Use the Amazon Inspector Runtime Behavior Analysis Inspector rules package to check that the deployed code complies with company security standards before deploying it to production.
  • B. Using AWS CodeBuild to add a test action to the pipeline to replicate common user activities and ensure that the results are as expected before progressing to production deployment.
  • C. After the deployment process is complete, run a testing activity on an Amazon EC2 instance in a different region that accesses the application to simulate user behavior if unexpected results occur, the testing activity sends a warning to an Amazon SNS topic. Subscribe to the topic to get updates.
  • D. Add an AWS CodeDeploy action in the pipeline to deploy the latest version of the development code to pre-production. Add a manual approval action in the pipeline so that the QA team can test and confirm the expected functionality. After the manual approval action, add a second CodeDeploy action that deploys the approved code to the production environment.
  • E. Create an AWS CodeDeploy action in the pipeline with a deployment configuration that automatically deploys the application code to a limited number of instances. The action then pauses the deployment so that the QA team can review the application functionality. When the review is complete, CodeDeploy resumes and deploys the application to the remaining production Amazon EC2 instances.

Answer: A,E


You are experiencing performance issues writing to a DynamoDB table. Your system tracks high scores for video games on a marketplace. Your most popular game experiences all of the performance issues.

What is the most likely problem?

  • A. Users of the most popular video game each perform more read and write requests than average.
  • B. You did not provision enough read or write throughput to the table.
  • C. You selected the Game ID or equivalent identifier as the primary partition key for the table.
  • D. DynamoDB's vector clock is out of sync, because of the rapid growth in request for the most popular game.

Answer: C


The primary key selection dramatically affects performance consistency when reading or writing to DynamoDB. By selecting a key that is tied to the identity of the game, you forced DynamoDB to create a hotspot in the table partitions, and over-request against the primary key partition for the popular game. When it stores data, DynamoDB divides a table's items into multiple partitions, and distributes the data primarily based upon the partition key value. The provisioned throughput associated with a table is also divided evenly among the partitions, with no sharing of provisioned throughput across partitions. Guideli nesForTables.UniformWorkload



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